Great SEO Builds a Better Business

As a local travel agency that has started to do a lot business online, we’ve really been struggling to find a way to improve our website traffic and get more customers in the Manila, KY area to visit our travel website and learn what a great service we can provide.

Here’s the thing, I’m great at helping our clients find really cheap airline deals. I’m not so great with doing web searches. So, stumbling through the process of finding a website designer, I ended up with a really bad search topic, “Louisville-SEO”.

My bad search topic became the best thing I had done, because it led me to QC’s Web Design and & SEO. I knew that I was looking for a company that could help me build a great website, but I also knew from my research that what I also needed was for the website to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

The area that we live in, is very rural, with many small communities. So, it’s important that the local businesses have reliable and easy ways to reach out to our neighbors.

However, specialized business like QC’s Web Design and SEO, aren’t very common in these small towns, so I was excited that I found such a great business, not too far from home.

The people that I’ve worked with at QC’s Web Design and SEO have been really great and super helpful.

They have taken the time to learn about my business, and what I’ve been wanting Cheap Manila Flights Agency to look like on the internet. While their home page says they create exciting websites, I just wanted simple, easy to use, and friendly for my small town neighbors.

What they are creating for me, is a beautiful website that is all of those things all rolled up with really great marketing words, that they assure me will allow my neighbors to find me, just as easy as they can find the big travel sites.

I’m so glad that my bad search helped me find QC’s Web Design and SEO. They are just the business I needed to help my business be better, and grow.

About Cheap Manila Flights Agency

Thanks for visiting Cheap Manila Flights Agency! I’m Carol, and I am your small town expert in finding CHEAP airfare. I’ve been helping our rural communities travel in style since 1989. Cheap Manila Flights Agency is a small, local travel agency located in east-central Kentucky. We help the residents of Manila, Hargis, Barnetts Creek, Oil Springs and the surrounding areas get the best deals on fights to any destination you can think of. Because we focus only on flights, we are able to work closely and directly with airlines to help you get the best seat, the best flight at the best price. If you are looking for a flight, and need a great price you don’t need to look any further than your hometown travel agency!