Cheap Flights to Fiji From India Promise Boost to Tourism

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The fact that Iraq has once again become open to tourists after almost two decades is good news for people who wish to travel to the country. If you are looking for cheap flights to Baghdad, you should try and book online. Also, if you book your hotel stay with the same website, you may be able to get yourself a great deal. If you are looking for cheap flights to Baghdad, here are a few tips:

The Cairo International Airport sees hundreds of flights to Cairo from both domestic and international carriers landing in its helm. Major airliners that can be booked to land in this city include the national carrier ‘Egypt Air’ apart from others like British Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Air France, Emirates and others. Buses, taxis and the subway system available in the city will help get around. While local buses may be crowded, the ‘river bus’ is a unique mode of transport that travels on the Nile to get you to different places.

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The fact that tourism has returned to Iraq is good news not only for its citizens but for the globe trotters too. Who can forget the fact that Iraq was a war zone not so long back? With its tourism industry looking at brighter days again and flights to Baghdad becoming a reality again, tourists from across the globe are queuing up to visit the country, especially its capital Baghdad that has long been the centre of learning and rich culture.

Some of the flights that are not direct from USA to India but are via other cities like Qatar Airways that moves via Doha ,Virgin Airlines via London and Emirates via Dubai. Though they are taking little bit of extra time but they are safe and offers trouble free journey.

Air India, the government run airlines has its direct flight from Mumbai New York Mumbai on its lately acquired Boeing. This was the initial direct flight from India to the US by some Indian airline. US flights like American and Continental are by now have in service straight flights between India and US. On the other hand, presently majority of the travel between India and the US are via the major hubs like London, Singapore, Doha, Dubai, Paris or Frankfurt.

Another method to use when searching for an airlines tickets for cheap flights is to wait to purchase your ticket until the last minute. Now granted, this method will not work for everyone; but if your schedule is flexible and you have some control over when you travel, why not let the clock run up until the last minute before purchasing your tickets. Many times airlines will be willing to let those seats go for a discount price.

During the Gulf war crisis of 1991, most of the countries had suspended flights to Baghdad. This ban continued for almost eighteen years. It was only recently that airlines have resumed services to Baghdad. Now, with peace returning to the country, major airlines across the world are warming up to the idea of starting direct flights to Baghdad.

There are also direct flights from Mumbai to New Jersey. Continental Airlines is operating directly between New Delhi and New York; American Airlines has direct flights between New Delhi and Chicago. Other flights commuting from New York to Delhi are Continental and Air India. An additional flight is American Airlines that moves from Chicago to Delhi.